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Using the Shapes tools
Using the Shapes tools
The Excel graphics tool chest contains many of the powerful capabilities of dedicated
illustration programs. Using only the tools in the Shapes gallery, you can create lines,
rectangles, and ovals; smooth and freeform curves; linked objects using connectors; basic and
not-so-basic shapes, such as pentagons and lightning bolts; a variety of straight, curved,
three-dimensional (3-D), and multiheaded arrows; stars, emblems, and banners; and even a
variety of callouts. Click the Shapes button to display the gallery shown in Figure 10-2.
Figure 10-2 The Shapes gallery provides a wealth of graphics options.
If your screen is wide enough, you’ll see the Shapes button on the ribbon. Otherwise, as
shown in Figure 10-2, the Illustrations group becomes a button that when clicked,
displays a “sub-ribbon” of buttons, including the Shapes button. You’ll notice this
behavior with most other ribbon groups as well, providing better visibility than commands
on a menu. It also makes the ribbon more touchscreen-friendly.
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