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Moving onward with Office 2013
Tools for creating formulas In Excel 2007, the formula bar became manually
resizable to let you display or hide lengthy formulas. This allowed you to enter longer
formulas than before, with more levels of nesting (parenthetical expressions within
expressions). The Name Manager dialog box provided greater organization and
editing possibilities. In addition, Excel 2007 included many small improvements in the
way it works internally, including improvements in subtotals and regression formulas.
Built-in Analysis Toolpak functions The trusty statistical functions of the
venerable Analysis Toolpak were fully integrated into the program in 2007.
Enhanced charting features Excel 2007 included lots of new chart types, updated
graphics, and a new set of Chart Tools contextual tabs, all of which made
experimentation and modification a whole lot easier. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 and
Office Word 2007 started using the same charting engine as Excel.
XLSX file format The Microsoft Office Open XML file formats (with the extension
.xlsx in Excel) provided better integration with external data sources and resulted in
significantly smaller file sizes.
Improved sorting and filtering The Sort command, which previously allowed only
three levels of sorting at a time, was improved to allow 64 levels in Excel 2007. The
Filter feature was improved, and the Remove Duplicates button helped make
managing database information easier, letting you specify in which columns to look for
duplicate information.
Enhanced security features Microsoft added a number of new features in Excel
2007, including the Trust Center and a digital signatures interface to help secure
documents you share with others.
Moving onward with Office 2013
The improvements made in Microsoft Office and Excel 2013 are solid, and the release is
significant, considering the new intelligent features and the new platforms supported,
including Microsoft’s first computer, Surface. If you skipped the 2010 release, you’ll find
some nice new surprises. If you skipped the 2007 release, you have a lot of catching up to
do. Read on!
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