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Drawing freehand lines and polygons
Drawing freehand lines and polygons
The tools in the Shapes gallery are extremely easy to use. Just click a tool, and then click
and drag to create the object on the worksheet. We’ll use the following tools in this
Draws smoothly curved lines between clicked points.
Draws combined freehand lines and straight lines.
Scribble Draws unconstrained lines. (However, when you release the mouse button,
the resulting line is smoothed somewhat.)
The Freeform and Curve tools are different from the others in that when you release the
mouse button, you’re not done drawing. To finish drawing using either of these tools, you
must click the starting point to close the loop and create a solid object or double-click
where you want the line to end to create a line. Figure 10-5 shows a few objects created
using these tools.
Figure 10-5 A sampling of objects created using the Curve, Freeform, and Scribble tools.
For example, if you click the Freeform tool in the Lines section of the Shapes gallery and
then click anywhere on the worksheet or chart to begin drawing, the line remains anchored
to the point you clicked. If you release the mouse button, the line remains “attached,”
stretching from the anchor point to the crosshairs pointer like a rubber band. If you stretch
the line and click again, you create a segment that is anchored between the first and
second point. You can continue this as long as you want, creating additional segments with
each new anchor point. If you drag, you create a curved freehand line. By combining these
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