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Drawing freehand lines and polygons
methods, you can create a hybrid object with both straight and curved lines. If you click the
beginning of the line, you create a solid object, or you can double-click at any time to finish
Adjusting freehand shapes with the Edit Points command
Drawing an attractive freehand line or polygon shape with a mouse can be challenging.
If you have difficulty dragging the shape you want, use the Edit Points command, which
changes a line or polygon created with the Scribble, Curve, or Freeform tool into a series of
points you can drag to reshape the object.
To adjust a scribbled, curved, or freeform shape, right-click the object and then click Edit
Points on the shortcut menu. (The Edit Points command also appears on the Edit Shape
menu in the Insert Shapes group on the Drawing Tools Format contextual tab, which
appears when you select an object.) After you click Edit Points, a new set of handles
appears on the object, following its curves and corners. You can then drag as many of the
handles as necessary to new positions. For example, we used the Freeform button to create
the shape on the left in Figure 10-6. The shape on the right is the same freeform polygon
after we clicked Edit Points and dragged one of the new points.
Figure 10-6 When you click Edit Points, handles appear at each vertex, as in the polygon on
the right.
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