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Drawing freehand lines and polygons
After you click Edit Points, you can add or delete any of the handles on an object. If you
want to clean up your drawing by eliminating some of the points, press the Ctrl key and
then click each handle you want to delete. If you want to add points, press Ctrl and click
anywhere on a line where you want a handle to appear.
Working with curves
When you edit the points for an object you created using the Scribble, Curve, or Freeform
tool, you can fine-tune the curves even further by using commands on the shortcut menu
that appears when you right-click any edit point, as shown in Figure 10-7.
Figure 10-7 Change the type of a selected edit point by right-clicking it and then clicking
commands on the shortcut menu.
If you click any edit point, vertex handles become visible that you can drag to modify the
curve or angle at that vertex, as shown in Figure 10-8. These handles give you total control
over the shape of a curve. The longer the vertex handle, the latter the curve in the
direction you drag.
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