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Working with text boxes
If you click the Spelling command with a single cell selected, all the text on the
current worksheet is checked, including text in text boxes. If you click Spelling while a text
box (or any object) is selected, only the text contained in that text box (or object) is
Adding text to other shapes
The Text Box button is quick and easy to use, but if you want to add graphic assistance to
your message, you can add text to two-dimensional shapes created by using the Shapes
gallery on the Insert tab, as shown in Figure 10-9, including banners, arrows, boxes, and just
about any shape except lines and connectors.
Figure 10-9 Text boxes are only one of the many graphic objects that can display text.
To create one of these custom text boxes, just draw the shape you want and then start
typing. Resize the object as needed, and give the shape and its text the look you want by using
the Drawing Tools Format tab, which appears on the ribbon when you select a shape.
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