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Working with shapes
specific dimension of the shape (that varies based on the shape you selected), as
Figure 10-10 illustrates.
Figure 10-10 Many shapes have special diamond-shaped handles you can drag to control a
specific feature of the shape.
In addition to the diamond handle, all two-dimensional objects in Excel display a
panhandle you drag to rotate the object, as shown in Figure 10-11.
Figure 10-11 Drag the panhandle of any two-dimensional object to rotate it.
Create linked objects
You can create a link from a text box—or any other shape containing text—to a cell
to display that cell’s contents in the text box. First draw a text box. With the text box
selected, type an equal sign in the formula bar and then type a cell reference or defined
name. For example, suppose cell D3 contains a formula that returns the value $123.45.
When you type =$D$3 in the formula bar while you have the text box selected, the
value $123.45 appears in the text box. When you link a text box in this way, you
cannot type additional text into it. To remove the link, select the text box and delete the
reference formula in the formula bar. For more about formulas and the formula bar, see
Chapter 12, “Building formulas.”
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