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Creating WordArt
WordArt Styles gallery to modify an existing WordArt object. You can select styles that
apply only to selected text in the object (or only to the word containing the active pointer),
or you can select styles that apply to all the text in the object. The Clear WordArt command
at the bottom of the gallery does not remove the object or the text, just the fancy
formatting, resulting in a WordArt object of the same dimensions but formatted as plain text.
The Text Effects button displays a menu containing options for special effects you can apply
to your WordArt object, as shown in Figure 10-16.
As with most galleries in Excel, you can rest the pointer on an icon for one of options in
the Text Effects menu to see a live preview of how the effect will look if you apply it to the
selected WordArt object. The same behavior is exhibited by the gallery in the Shape Styles
group, although the results might not be what you expect. Applying shape styles does not
change the look of the text but instead adds lines, colors, and ills to the area behind the
The rest of the controls on the Format tab under Drawing Tools apply to other objects as well
as WordArt, and they are described in “Formatting objects that contain text” and in “Position-
ing objects” later in this chapter.
Figure 10-16 The Text Effects menu offers advanced formatting effects.
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