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Creating SmartArt
Shows relationships that are proportional in size or importance
Allows you to add your own pictures to predesigned graphics Offers additional graphics available on the Office website
After you select a SmartArt graphic in the dialog box, click OK to add it to your worksheet,
as shown in Figure 10-18. After inserting the graphic, we clicked the Text Pane button in
the Create Graphic group on the SmartArt Tools Design tab that appears automatically
after you insert the graphic.
Figure 10-18 You can type your text into the box on the left, and it appears in the graphic to the
A SmartArt graphic comprises several components: the text pane with its Name box at
the bottom displaying the currently active item; the SmartArt graphic; and the border
surrounding the SmartArt like a picture frame. When you select a SmartArt graphic, several
things appear: the text pane (if activated), the border, and two tabs on the ribbon under
SmartArt Tools: Design and Format. The text pane makes organizing large charts and
diagrams a lot easier and lets you easily perform editing tasks such as indenting bullet lists and
rearranging hierarchical items. You also can click a “Text” placeholder and type directly in
the graphic, if you prefer to hide the text pane.
The graphic shown inserted in Figure 10-18 is from the Picture category, which you can
use to add not only your own text, but your own images as well. When you click one of the
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