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Creating SmartArt
picture icons in either the graphic or the text pane, the Insert Pictures dialog box appears,
as shown in Figure 10-19.
Figure 10-19 The Insert Pictures dialog box appears when you click any of the picture icons in a
SmartArt graphic.
Here’s more information about working with the text pane and the border:
Resize the graphic by dragging any of the eight dotted handles on the border.
Move the graphic by dragging the border; the text pane follows.
Enter text directly into the graphic’s items by clicking and typing.
Redisplay a closed text pane by clicking the tiny arrow handle in the center of the left
border, or by clicking the Text Pane button on the Design tab under SmartArt Tools.
Click any photo icon to display the Insert Pictures dialog box. Selecting any inserted
image displays the Picture Tools tab on the ribbon, which appears only when an
image is selected.
If you change your mind about your original SmartArt selection, you can use the Layouts
gallery on the Design tab under SmartArt Tools to switch to a different arrangement within
the same SmartArt category without having to start from scratch. Or click the More Layouts
command at the bottom of the Layouts gallery to switch to a different SmartArt category.
The SmartArt Styles gallery offers different treatments within each category, as shown in
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