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Creating SmartArt
Figure 10-20. Both of these galleries exhibit live preview functionality: just rest the pointer
on each thumbnail to quickly view your graphic in each style.
Figure 10-20 Use the SmartArt Styles group on the Design tab under SmartArt Tools to add
graphic interest to your SmartArt.
The Layouts and SmartArt Styles galleries share a clever design feature with a number
of other galleries on the ribbon. The top two arrows on the right side of the gallery
allow you to scroll up and down through the available styles without obscuring the
worksheet; clicking the bottom arrow button displays the entire gallery.
The buttons in the Create Graphic group on the Design tab under SmartArt Tools offer
ways to modify your graphic, and how they work depends on the particular graphic you’re
using. For example, the Add Bullet button works perfectly in most List graphics but not so
well in the graphic shown in Figure 10-20. Experimentation is inevitable and rewarding.
You can always press Ctrl+Z to undo any changes or click the Reset Graphic button on the
Design tab under SmartArt Tools, in the Reset group.
Here is some more information about buttons in the Create Graphic and Reset categories
on the SmartArt Tools Design tab:
Add Shape Inserts another shape similar to those already in the selected graphic.
Clicking the arrow displays a menu of commands you use to choose where to put the
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