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Creating SmartArt
new shape: above, below, after, or before the active shape. The Add Assistant
command applies only to Hierarchical Organization Chart graphics; it adds a box outside
the hierarchy that is typically used for administrative assistants or other positions
outside the normal chain of command.
Add Bullet
Creates a new bullet item subordinate to the active bullet.
Text Pane
Displays or hides the text pane that appears when a SmartArt graphic is
Right To Left
Flips the horizontal orientation of applicable graphics.
Layout Controls the horizontal orientation of an organization chart. Menu
commands include Standard, Left Hanging, Right Hanging, and Both (left and right
hanging). This is available only when an organization chart graphic is selected.
Move Up and Move Down
Moves the selected item up or down in the bullet list.
Promote and Demote Changes the hierarchical position of a selected bullet.
Promoting to the highest level creates a new shape in the SmartArt graphic. Similarly,
demoting a top-level bullet removes the corresponding shape in the graphic and
adds its text as subordinate to the previous bullet. In organization chart graphics
only, these buttons move the selected shape up or down the hierarchy and do not
add or remove shapes from the graphic.
Reset Graphic
Restores the selected graphic to its default, inserted form.
Convert To Shapes Changes selected SmartArt into regular graphic shapes. For
example, if you convert the object as shown in Figure 10-20, the result is a group of
individual objects that look identical, and are editable, but do not display the
SmartArt tabs and controls when selected; instead, the Drawing Tools Format tab appears.
We discuss the controls available on the Format tab under SmartArt Tools in “Formatting
graphics” later in this chapter. For more about the Drawing Tools Format tab, see “Using
drawing tools” later in this chapter.
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