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Inserting other graphics
Inserting other graphics
Although the Excel graphics toolbox is overflowing with ways to create impressive objects
from scratch, you can also employ several methods to insert ready-made graphics from
other programs, to insert pictures, and to insert other types of graphic content onto your
Inserting online pictures and clip art
If you don’t have the time or inclination to take appropriate photographs or to create your
own artwork, you can instantly call on the talents of numerous professional photographers
and illustrators by clicking the Online Pictures button in the Illustrations group on the Insert
tab. When you do so, a dialog box similar to the one shown in Figure 10-19 appears,
offering Bing Image Search, SkyDrive, and Clip Art search boxes. Enter a search term
and press Enter to display a set of results, as shown in Figure 10-21. We entered the term
businessmen in the Clip Art search box, which resulted in a huge list of clip art and stock
photography available for free on (Note that you need the SkyDrive client
installed on your computer for SkyDrive to appear as an option.)
Figure 10-21 Click the Online Pictures button to add clip art and photos to your worksheets.
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