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Using the workbook window
Figure 2-1 There is a huge amount of available space on a worksheet.
The porthole window
The workbook window is like a porthole through which you can see only a portion of a
worksheet. To illustrate, suppose you were to cut a small, square hole in a piece of
cardboard and place the cardboard over this page. At any given time, you could see only
a portion of the page through the hole. By moving the cardboard around the page,
however, you could eventually read the entire page through the window in your piece
of cardboard. Viewing worksheets in Excel is much the same. You can also open another
window to view different sections of the same worksheet simultaneously.
Using the workbook window
A new workbook, shown in Figure 2-2, originally consists of a single worksheet; you click
the New Sheet button to add more sheets. This is a change from previous versions, in which
new workbooks contained multiple sheets.
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