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Inserting pictures
The Microsoft Clip Organizer is no longer available in Excel 2013.
Figure 10-22 shows a piece of clip art inserted on the worksheet, which was accomplished
by searching for Clip Art using the dialog box shown in Figure 10-23. Clip art
or pictures that you insert this way are treated as pictures in Excel. When you select an
inserted picture, the Picture Tools Format tab appears, and as shown in Figure 10-22,
pointing to styles in the Picture Styles gallery gives you a live preview of that style in the selected
image on the worksheet. We’ll discuss the Picture Tools Format tab in “Using picture tools”
later in this chapter.
Figure 10-22 Objects inserted using the Online Pictures button, even pieces of clip art, are
considered pictures in Excel 2013.
Inserting pictures
The Pictures button in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab lets you insert graphics that
have been saved in a variety of file formats. Clicking Pictures displays the dialog box shown
in Figure 10-23 that is functionally identical to the Open dialog box, which you can use
to find image files in any location to which your computer has access. The File Type
dropdown list to the right of the File Name text box lets you zero in on a particular file type but
is set to All Pictures by default.
For more information about the Open dialog box, see “Opening files” in Chapter 2, “Explor-
ing Excel fundamentals.”
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