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Inserting other objects
If the program used to create the graphic you want to import into Excel supports
linking, you might also be able to establish a link between the source file and the graphic,
allowing the graphic to be automatically updated in your workbook whenever you
make changes to the original using the source program. The Paste Link option becomes
available in the Paste Special dialog box if and when linking is possible.
For more information about linking, see Chapter 31, “Linking, hyperlinking, and embedding.”
Inserting other objects
The Object button, which is located on the Insert tab in the Text group, gives you direct
access to other programs you can use to create objects. The difference between inserting
a picture and inserting an object is that a picture is always static and cannot be directly
edited, whereas an inserted object retains a connection to its source program and is said to
be embedded on a worksheet. You can open an embedded object for editing by
doubleclicking it.
When you click the Object button, a dialog box appears with two tabs: Create New and
Create From File. The Create New tab, shown in Figure 10-24, starts the program selected
in the Object Type list, allowing you to create the object directly in the program. The
contents of this list vary depending on the configuration of your system and the programs you
have installed.
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