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Inserting other objects
Figure 10-24 You can use the Create New tab of the Object dialog box to simultaneously insert
an object and start the program used to create it.
When you select an item in the Object Type list, a small frame is inserted in the current
worksheet at the location of the active cell, and the program needed to create or edit that
object type is started. For example, if you select Bitmap Image in the Object Type list, Paint
starts, and you can begin creating a new image, as you can see in Figure 10-25. When you
are finished editing, close the object-editing program, and your new object appears on the
Figure 10-26 shows the Create From File tab in the Object dialog box. You can use this tab
to insert an existing file as an embedded object rather than create a new object with the
Create New tab. Again, the object types you can embed depend on the programs installed
on your computer.
Although the Link To File check box on the Create From File tab isn’t selected by default,
you can still open the object in its source program by double-clicking it. If you do select
the Link To File check box, the object is updated automatically whenever the source
file changes. Selecting the Display As Icon check box embeds the selected file in your
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