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Formatting graphics
Making adjustments to your images
The Adjust group on the Format tab hides a powerful collection of menus. They replace the
relatively pedestrian Brightness, Contrast, and Recolor commands found in versions of Excel
prior to 2010, and they also offer a robust arsenal of special controls and artistic effects. For
example, the Corrections menu, shown in Figure 10-28, displays actual thumbnail
representations of the selected picture and gives you an immediate idea of where you need to go,
rather than using the trial-and-Undo method.
Figure 10-28 The Corrections gallery offers sharpening, brightness, and contrast adjustments.
The Brightness/Contrast thumbnail matrix displays 25 examples of the selected image in
0%, 20%, and 40% applications of brightness and contrast, as well as 25% and 50%
applications of sharpening. For more control, click Picture Corrections Options at the bottom of
the gallery to display the Format Picture task pane, as shown in Figure 10-29.
The Format Picture task pane controls pretty much everything you can do with pictures,
including ill and line color, shadows, special effects, rotation, cropping, and sizing. Note
that different picture types might cause some options to become active or disabled.
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