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Formatting graphics
Figure 10-29 The Format Picture task pane contains all the available fine-tuning controls for the
selected image.
Here is a quick rundown of the controls available in the Format Picture task pane and what
they do. Clicking one of the four icons visible in Figure 10-29 displays a different set of
controls; the figure shows the controls available in the Picture category. Note that if there is a
corresponding menu or gallery on the ribbon, its options are duplicated here as well:
Fill & Line (the paint bucket icon)
Fill Controls the color and nature of the ill (solid, gradient, picture, texture,
pattern), if any.
Line Controls the color, size, transparency, and many other attributes of the
line (solid or gradient), if any.
Effects (the pentagon icon)
Shadow Controls a shadow’s color, transparency, size, angle, distance from
the object, and amount of “blur” you want it to exhibit. It includes presets.
Reflection Controls transparency, size, distance, and amount of blur for these
shadowlike mirror images. It includes presets.
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