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Formatting graphics
Includes presets and controls for color, size, and transparency.
Soft Edges
Includes presets and a control for size.
3-D Format Offers options for type of bevel, color, depth, size, and options
for surface material and lighting effects.
3-D Rotation Offers precise control of the orientation of the selected 3-D
object in three dimensions, as well as distance from “ground.” It includes
Artistic Effects Duplicates the gallery of the same name on the ribbon,
offering only an additional Reset button.
Size & Properties (the “measuring” icon)
Size Provides control over the size and (non-3-D) rotation of the image, and
a Reset button.
Properties Controls how the image reacts to changes in the underlying
worksheet (Move But Don’t Size With Cells being the default) and whether the
object is locked or can be printed.
Text Box Controls margins, alignment, and wrapping of objects containing
text, and whether the object automatically scales to it its text contents.
Alt Text This is an accessibility feature provided for images that end up on
the web. Use it to enter descriptive text for the visually impaired.
Picture (the “sun and mountains” icon)
Picture Corrections Provides precision control of brightness, contrast, and
sharpening. It includes presets.
Picture Color Controls the color saturation and “tone” (a.k.a. color
temperature ), ranging from very cool to very warm. It includes presets.
Crop Offers precise control of not only the cropping dimensions, but also the
exact position of the picture on the worksheet.
Color is the next command in the Adjust group on the Picture Tools Format tab. It displays
the gallery shown in Figure 10-30.
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