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Using SmartArt tools
The Format tab under Drawing Tools and the Format tab under Picture Tools contain
groups covered elsewhere in this topic. For more about the Insert Shapes group, see “Using
the Shapes tools” earlier in this chapter. To read about the WordArt group, see “Creating
Word Art” earlier in this chapter. For information about the Arrange group, see “Positioning
objects” later in this chapter.
Using SmartArt tools
When you select a SmartArt graphic, the Format tab under SmartArt Tools appears,
containing controls similar to the two other versions of the Format tab (Picture Tools and
Drawing Tools) and a few new ones, as you can see in Figure 10-35.
Figure 10-35 The SmartArt Tools Format tab offers a few unique controls.
You can click the Edit In 2-D button in the Shapes group to “latten” a selected object
with 3-D formatting applied. This does not eliminate 3-D formatting, it just suspends it
and speeds up the redrawing of the object. The Larger and Smaller buttons are used to
scale individually selected objects in a group by a preset amount, which is more precise
than dragging selection handles and makes it easier to scale multiple objects by identical
On this version of the Format tab, the Arrange button has a menu with some familiar
controls—Align, Group, Rotate, Bring Forward, and Send Backward—and one unfamiliar one,
Selection Pane. Clicking the latter button opens a task pane with a list of all the objects
on the worksheet. Clicking an item in the list selects the corresponding object. If you are
working with multiple objects, especially if they are in close proximity or stacked, using the
Selection pane can be very handy. For more information about the Selection Pane option,
see “Working with graphic objects” later in this chapter.
Formatting text in graphics
Most of what you can do with text in cells applies to text in graphics as well. You can use
the tools in the Font group on the Home tab to accomplish most of what you need to do
in either cells or text-capable objects. You can also apply the advanced formatting options
available in the WordArt Styles group on the Format tab that appears when an object is
selected. However, you can employ a few additional text-formatting options using the Font
dialog box when working with text in objects.
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