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Applying compression to pictures
Character Spacing On the Character Spacing tab in the Font dialog box, you can
use this effect to expand or condense the space between characters of selected text
by a specified number of points, as shown in Figure 10-37.
Kerning This effect applies special spacing rules to correct problematic character
pairs and lets you specify a font size above which kerning is applied.
In Figure 10-37, the first text box is formatted as usual; kerning was applied to the second
text box. The effect is subtle, but you can see that the spacing between each letter pair in
the second box is a little tighter. Kerning is particularly noticeable when applied to large
display fonts and logos.
Figure 10-37 Adjust the space between letters in graphic objects using the Character Spacing
Chapter 9, “Worksheet formatting techniques,” discusses the overall formatting features
of Excel; we discuss text formatting in depth in “Using fonts” in Chapter 9.
Applying compression to pictures
You can choose to optimize the storage of your inserted pictures to decrease the amount of
disk space they consume. Clicking the Compress Pictures button on the Format tab under
Picture Tools (which appears only when a picture is selected) displays a dialog box of the
same name, as shown in Figure 10-38.
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