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Using advanced object formatting effects
Figure 10-38 Apply compression settings to any imported picture.
Here are details about the options in the Compress Pictures dialog box:
Apply Only To This Picture Ordinarily, all the images in your workbook are
compressed at once. Select this check box to compress only the currently selected images.
Delete Cropped Areas Of Pictures This discards any nonvisible portions of
pictures you have cropped using the options in the Size group on the Format tab under
Picture Tools. This is the default setting and is not reversible.
Target Output options Use these options to specify the number of dots per inch
(dpi) to suit your output requirements: print, screen, email, or the default resolution
of the encapsulating document. (Document resolution options, if any, are available by
clicking the File tab, Print, Printer Properties, and then clicking the Advanced button.)
Using advanced object formatting effects
Most of the formatting controls you need for graphics are right up front on the ribbon—
the dashboard of Excel. The ribbon offers easy access to buttons and galleries as well as live
preview functionality. However, a few additional options are not available on the ribbon. To
access them, right-click any drawn object or shape, and click Format Shape to display the
Format Shape task pane.
The categories available in the Format Shape task pane are always the same, no matter
what type of object you select. However, the options available in each category change
based on the object type. For example, the settings in the Text Box category are unavailable
when you select a picture.
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