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Using the workbook window
Getting around in the workbook
At the bottom of the workbook window are controls you can use to move from sheet to
sheet in a workbook. Just click any sheet tab to activate it, but if there are too many tabs
to it across your screen at once, sheet-navigation controls appear to help you get around,
as shown in Figure 2-3. Note that the More Sheets (ellipsis …) buttons will not appear until
there are too many sheets to display at once.
More Sheets
Scroll Right
Scroll Left
Tab split handle
New Sheet
More Sheets
Figure 2-3 Use the workbook navigational controls to move among undisplayed worksheets.
If you have a wheel mouse
If you have one, you can use the wheel on your Microsoft IntelliMouse (and most other
wheeled pointing devices) to scroll through your worksheet. Turn the wheel toward
you to scroll down or away from you to scroll up. To scroll left or right (called panning ),
press the wheel button, and drag the mouse in the direction you want to move. A gray
four-headed arrow appears, anchored to the spot where you pressed the wheel
button. The speed of panning depends on how far you drag away from the anchor. As you
press the button down and drag, a black arrow appears, pointing in the direction you’re
You can change the default behavior of the wheel from scrolling to zooming. To do
so, click the File tab and then click Options. In the Advanced category, below Editing
Options, select the Zoom On Roll With IntelliMouse check box. For more information,
see “Zooming worksheets” in Chapter 6, “How to work a worksheet.”
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