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Using advanced object formatting effects
Figure 10-42 You can extrude 3-D bevels from both the front and the back of a lat shape.
Depth (in the 3-D Format category) Controls the thickness and color of the
shape itself—not any extrusions you apply with the Bevel controls. (To see the results
of the Depth settings, you must rotate the shape using controls in the 3-D Rotation
Contour (in the 3-D Format category) Controls the size and color of a raised
border applied to the perimeter of the selected shape.
Material (in the 3-D Format category) Contains options for surface treatment
and lighting effects. Materials include surfaces such as plastic and metal, translucent,
and special effects such as soft edge and wireframe. Choose from lighting effects
such as Three-Point, Sunset, and Chilly, and choose the angle from which the light
Rotation (in the 3-D Rotation category) Contains controls to adjust the position
of the selected object in three-dimensional space. The x-axis is horizontal, the y-axis
is vertical, and the z-axis is front to back.
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