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Using advanced object formatting effects
Perspective (in the 3-D Rotation category) Controls the amount of
foreshortening applied to a shape, if applicable. Foreshortening makes shapes that are closer look
larger. You use this control to make shapes appear to tilt forward or backward. It is
easiest to start by clicking one of the Perspective options in the Presets drop-down
list; then you can change the angle of foreshortening using the Perspective controls.
Keep Text Flat (in the 3-D Rotation category) Prevents any text typed in a shape
from rotating along with the shape, effectively separating the text from the shape.
Formatting objects that contain text
In addition to objects you create with the Text Box button in the Text group on the Insert
tab, many of the objects you can create in Excel are de facto text boxes. Figure 10-43 shows
two objects, one created with the Text Box tool and another created with one of the Star
tools in the Shapes gallery. Both objects are subject to the influence of the Text Box
controls in the Text Options pane of the Format Shape task pane, as are most two-dimensional
shapes and even WordArt and SmartArt objects.
Figure 10-43 The Text Box category of the Format Shape task pane offers controls not found on
the ribbon.
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