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Using advanced object formatting effects
The controls used most often in the Text Box category of the Format Shape task pane
are available directly on the ribbon. On the Home tab, use the buttons in the Font and
Alignment groups. For more information, see the following topics in Chapter 9: “Using
fonts” and “Aligning data in cells.” See “Working with text boxes” earlier in this
chapter and, for advanced font formatting, see “Formatting text in graphics” earlier in this
The Allow Text To Overflow Shape check box is normally selected; if you clear this check
box, text too large to it the shape is truncated. If you select the Resize Shape To Fit Text
check box, the object shrinks (or expands) to it the text it contains as it’s typed and
formatted. The Margin settings add or decrease the amount of space between the edge of a
shape and the text it contains. The Columns button displays a dialog box you can use to
create columns of text within any text-capable object, as shown on the left in Figure 10-44.
Figure 10-44 You can create columnar text boxes using the Columns button.
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