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Working with graphic objects
Figure 10-45 Your formatting options for embedded objects are in a dialog box instead of
a task pane.
Working with graphic objects
In addition to all the nifty formatting options for graphics that are built into Excel, there are
also tools you can use to select and arrange graphic objects, group and hide them, move
them around, and protect them.
Selecting and grouping objects
Sometimes you’ll find it convenient to move, resize, or even reformat more than one object
at a time. If you create a logo using multiple objects, for example, you want to move the
objects as a single unit, preserving their positions relative to one another. For these
purposes, Excel includes the Group button, located in the Arrange group on the Page Layout
tab. This button is a menu containing the Group, Ungroup, and Regroup commands, and
it remains inactive unless more than one object is selected. (The Group button can also be
found on the Drawing Tools Format tab that appears when an object is selected.)
You can select multiple objects by holding down Shift and clicking individual objects.
You can select all the objects on the current worksheet by clicking one to select it and
then pressing Ctrl+A (Select All). You can also select all objects by clicking Home, Find
& Select, Go To Special, and then selecting the Objects option.
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