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Positioning objects
Unlike with other objects, when you click an object containing text and a dotted
border appears around it, the text area—not the object—is selected. To select the object,
click the border; when the border appears as a solid line, the object is selected. If you
want to move an object containing text while its text area is active, you can drag it by
its border.
Positioning objects
Think of the objects on a worksheet as stacked on top of each other. Each new object you
draw is placed on top of the stack. If necessary, you can adjust the position of objects in
the stack by using the Bring Forward and Send Backward buttons in the Arrange group on
the Page Layout tab, or better yet, on the Drawing Tools Format tab that appears when you
select an object. (You can also right-click an object and then use the equivalent commands
on the shortcut menu.)
Figure 10-47 shows two sets of ungrouped objects. The set on the right was originally just
like the set on the left, but then we selected the banner and clicked Bring Forward, Bring To
Front, and then we selected the star and clicked Send Backward, Send To Back.
Figure 10-47 You can reposition objects in relation to each other using buttons in the Arrange
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