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Positioning objects
What is alt text?
You’ll notice that the Size and Properties categories in the Shape Options pane of the
Format Shape task pane include an Alt Text category. If you click it, you’ll see Title and
Description fields for adding text to the selected object, known in web parlance as alt
text . (Also notice that in Figure 10-45, the Format Object dialog box includes an Alt
Text tab that does the same job for embedded objects.)
When you save an Excel document as a webpage, graphics are converted to their
web-based equivalents. In HTML, the language of the web, alternative text is added to
images for four reasons. First, alt text appears in the browser while an image is
loading, which is helpful for large images over slow connections. Second, when you rest
the pointer on an image containing alt text in your browser, the text appears in a tiny
pop-up window. Third, alt text is used by text-reading software commonly used by the
visually impaired, allowing them to hear a description of the image. And fourth, web
search engines index the alt text attached to images along with all the other “visible”
text on your website. If you’re planning to save your workbook in HTML format, you
should add alternative text to all your graphics. For more information see Chapter 27,
“Working in the cloud.”
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