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Creating screenshots or pictures of your worksheets
Figure 10-51 Assigning macros to objects turns them into buttons.
INSIDE OUT Grouped objects and macros
Assigning macros to objects is a cool way to create some crazy-looking “buttons.”
You can also assign macros to grouped objects or to individual objects that you
subsequently group, but you can’t do both. For example, say you assign macros to two
objects and then group the objects. You can click each object to run each macro, just
as if they were ungrouped. But if you assign another macro to the grouped object, the
new macro overrides the existing macros.
Creating screenshots or pictures of your worksheets
Excel provides several tools for taking pictures of your worksheets as well as other things on
your computer screen. The Screenshot menu on the Insert tab allows you to capture almost
anything on your computer screen. And you can use the Copy As Picture command or the
Picture, Link, or Camera buttons to take pictures of your worksheets.
Taking screenshots
The Screenshot menu on the Insert tab performs a function that usually requires a separate
program for many people (including authors of software books!). With it, you can take
a snapshot of anything and everything that appears on your computer screen, with one
notable exception: the current Excel window. If you want to take a picture of any part of a
workbook, you’ll need to open another workbook and take the screenshot from there.
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