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Creating screenshots or pictures of your worksheets
There are two ways to use the Screenshot feature; you can capture any full window with
a single click, or you can drag to select a specific area of the screen to capture. Click the
Screenshot button on the Insert tab to display the menu shown in Figure 10-52.
Figure 10-52 You can take snapshots of what’s on your screen.
The Available Windows area of the Screenshot menu shows thumbnails of every window
that is open on your computer, including applications, webpages, and so on. If one of these
windows is what you are after, simply click its thumbnail to immediately insert an image of
it onto the active worksheet. If you instead click Screen Clipping, the active instance of Excel
minimizes itself and then you can drag to select any part of the screen you want, including
any other open Excel windows. As soon as you are done selecting the area to shoot, the
image is inserted onto the worksheet, as shown at the bottom of Figure 10-52. The inserted
screenshot is considered a picture, and the Picture Tools Format tab appears when you
select it.
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