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Creating screenshots or pictures of your worksheets
After you copy an image to the Clipboard, you can paste the image anywhere you want—
into another location on the worksheet, another worksheet, or a document from another
Pasting cells as a picture
Where the Screenshot button allows you to take pictures of anything on your computer
screen except the current Excel window, there are two Paste options buttons that take
pictures of nothing but Excel. The Paste menu on the Home tab offers two picture options. The
Linked Picture button creates a linked image (essentially using the As Shown When Printed
option instead of the As Shown On Screen option).
Figure 10-54 shows the Northwind Sales Summary worksheet on the left. We selected the
range F3:F16, pressed Ctrl+C to copy, activated Book2, selected cell D3, and then clicked
the Linked Picture button on the Home tab’s Paste menu. Excel inserts the picture of the
worksheet cells as shown on the right in Figure 10-54.
Figure 10-54 Use the Linked Picture button to create dynamic images of selected areas of your
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