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Creating screenshots or pictures of your worksheets
the right in Figure 10-54. The Camera button represents a one-less-click advantage over
the equivalent procedure using the Linked Picture button, which might be significant if you
have a lot of repetitive work to do.
The Camera button is not normally available on any tab or toolbar. You can add it to the
ribbon if you create a custom group, but the quickest and easiest way to begin using
the Camera button is to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar, as shown in Figure 10-55. To
do so, click the File tab, Options, Quick Access Toolbar. In the Choose Commands From
drop-down list, select Commands Not In The Ribbon, select Camera in the list, and then
click the Add button.
Figure 10-55 Add the Camera button to the Quick Access Toolbar to quickly create
dynamically linked worksheet images.
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