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Chapter 11: Printing and presenting
Figure 11-1 The Page Layout tab on the ribbon and the Page Setup dialog box control most
printing options.
Printing wide or tall
The Orientation button on the Page Layout tab offers two options: Portrait and Landscape.
These options determine whether Excel prints your worksheet vertically (Portrait) or
horizontally (Landscape). Portrait, the default setting, offers more room for rows but less room
for columns. Select Landscape if you have more columns but fewer rows on each page. You
can also find these options on the Page tab in the Page Setup dialog box and in the Print
category on the File tab.
Specifying paper size and print quality
The Size button on the Page Layout tab includes options for nearly every size of paper
available (not just the sizes supported by your printer). You can additionally control the
dimensions of your printout by clicking the Size button and then clicking More Paper Sizes
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