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Chapter 11: Printing and presenting
AutoLetter/A4 paper resizing
Excel includes help for folks who routinely share work across international borders. In
much of the world, the standard paper size is Letter (8.5 by 11 inches), but A4 paper
(210 by 297 millimeters) is also widely used. Now you can print worksheets set for A4
paper on printers loaded with standard Letter paper (and vice versa), and Excel adjusts
the page setup accordingly. Excel does this on the fly, without changing the page size
setting in the Page Setup dialog box. If you want to turn this feature off, click the File
tab, click Options, select the Advanced category, and in the General group clear the
Scale Content For A4 Or 8.5 × 11" Paper Sizes check box.
For more information about printer drivers, see “Setting printer driver options” later in this
Setting a reduction (scaling) ratio
There are several ways to specify a reduction or enlargement ratio for your printouts. Using
the Scale To Fit group on the Page Layout tab, you can override the default size of your
printouts in one of two ways: by specifying a scaling factor (from 10 percent through 400
percent) or by fitting the printout to a specified number of pages. Excel always scales in
both the horizontal and vertical dimensions.
The Width and Height controls on the Page Layout tab, shown in Figure 11-1, normally
display Automatic, which means the worksheet prints at full size on as many pages as
necessary. In these drop-down lists, select a number of pages to constrain the printout. For
example, choosing 2 Pages in the Width list (and leaving Height set to Automatic) scales
the print area of the worksheet so that it spans two pages at its widest point, filling as many
pages in length as necessary. Choosing 2 Pages in the Height list (and leaving Width set to
Automatic) scales the print area of the worksheet so that it is only two pages long, filling as
many pages in width as necessary.
The Fit To options in the Page Setup dialog box give you more precise control over scaling.
These mirror the Height and Width controls on the Page Layout tab. To return to a full-size
printout, select the Adjust To option and type 100 in the % Normal Size box.
You can also use the Scaling options in the File tab’s Print category. You can use the Print
category, shown in Figure 11-3, to specify scaling and other options on the fly just before
you send the worksheet to the printer.
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