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Working in Page Layout view
Figure 11-3 Click the File tab, click Print, and use the Scaling options to quickly tailor your
Setting the first page number
If you want to control the numbering of pages in your printout’s header or footer—an
essential tool when printing multipage worksheets—use the First Page Number box on the
Page tab in the Page Setup dialog box. You can type any starting number, including 0 or
negative numbers. By default, this option is set to Auto.
Working in Page Layout view
Page Layout view is similar to the large thumbnail representation of the worksheet that
appears in the Print category on the File tab; you can see what a printout will look like. The
difference is, not only can you see the page as it will print, but Excel is fully functional in
Page Layout view, so you can make changes and see the results immediately. Click the Page
Layout button on the View tab, shown in Figure 11-4. This might become your preferred
working environment, if you don’t mind the slight slowdown in performance that comes
with a more graphically intensive interface.
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