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Creating a header and footer
Figure 11-7 Click the Header & Footer button on the Insert tab to display the Header & Footer
Tools Design tab.
Both the Header and Footer areas in Page Layout view consist of edit boxes in three
sections—left, center, and right—that are formatted with the corresponding justification (that
is, the contents of the box on the right are right-justified). Use these edit boxes to insert
and format headers and footers using buttons on the Header & Footer Tools Design tab:
Header & Footer group These buttons display menus of predesigned headers and
footers, shown as they appear when printed. For example, if you click Page 1 Of ?
on the Header menu, the proper code is inserted in the header. If you then click the
inserted information in the header, you can see the underlying code—much like a
formula in a cell—that produces the result: Page &[Page] of &[Pages] . You don’t really
need to know these codes; buttons are available to create them for you.
Page Number
Inserts the page number in the selected section.
Number Of Pages Inserts the total number of pages in the selected section;
typically used in conjunction with the page number in a “Page X of Y” construction.
Current Date
Inserts the date of printing.
Current Time
Inserts the time of printing.
File Path Inserts the folder path and file name of the workbook.
File Name Inserts only the file name of the current workbook.
Sheet Name
Inserts the name of the current worksheet.
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