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Creating a header and footer
Picture Displays the Insert Picture dialog box. (See “Adding pictures to headers and
footers” later in this chapter.)
Format Picture Displays the Format Picture dialog box, which you use to adjust the
settings of an inserted picture.
Navigation group The Go To Header and Go To Footer buttons are simply quick
ways to jump between the corresponding edit boxes at the top and bottom of the
Different First Page Specifies a different header and footer for the first page only.
Different Odd & Even Pages Specifies different headers and footers for even and
odd pages; typically used to create balanced two-page spreads when you print a
worksheet double-sided.
Scale With Document Selected by default; clear this check box if you want
headers and footers to remain unchanged even if you enlarge or shrink the rest of the
Align With Page Margins Selected by default; clear this check box if you want the
headers and footers to remain fixed, unaffected by changes to the margins.
By default, Excel prints footers .3 inch from the bottom edge and headers .3 inch from
the top edge, but you can change this on the Margins tab in the Page Setup dialog box.
Excel uses codes to represent dynamic data in your headers and footers, such as the current
time represented by &[Time] . Fortunately, you don’t have to learn these codes to create
headers and footers. Click the edit box where you want the information to appear, and then
click the appropriate buttons to add the information to your header or footer. Here are
some things to remember about editing headers and footers:
To include text in a header or footer, just click a text box and start typing. You need
to add spaces between text and inserted code elements, as well as between adjacent
code elements.
An ampersand (&) always precedes a code element, so never insert anything between
the ampersand and its code. To include an actual ampersand in your header or
footer, type two ampersands.
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