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Creating a header and footer
to insert. When you insert the picture, Excel includes the code &[Picture] , and the image is
displayed in the edit box. (Unlike with other header and footer codes, you can’t just type
this code—you have to use the Picture button.)
After you insert a picture, click the Format Picture button to specify the size, brightness,
and contrast of the picture and to rotate, scale, or crop the picture. (You can’t directly
manipulate header or footer pictures—you must use the Format Picture button.) It might
take some trial and error to obtain the result you want, adjusting the size of the picture as
well as the top or bottom margins to accommodate it. Figure 11-10 shows a sample of a
picture used in a header, with the worksheet displayed in Page Layout view.
Figure 11-10 You can insert pictures from disk into headers and footers.
You’ll find the Fabrikam.xlsx file with the other examples on the companion website.
To arrive at the example shown in Figure 11-10, we did the following:
In the left section, we added the date and changed the font to 10-point, italic Arial
In the center section, we inserted a picture; then we clicked Format Picture and
reduced its size.
In the right section, we added the time and changed the font to 10-point, italic Arial
We clicked the Page Layout tab and clicked the dialog box launcher button in the
Page Setup group to display the Page Setup dialog box.
We selected both the Vertically and Horizontally check boxes below Center On Page
on the Margins tab in the Page Setup dialog box.
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