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Setting worksheet options
We dragged the top margin down using the side ruler in Page Layout view enough
to accommodate the graphic.
Setting worksheet options
Clicking the dialog box launcher in the Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab displays
the Page Setup dialog box. Click the Sheet tab, shown in Figure 11-11, to access settings
specific to the active worksheet. You can specify different worksheet options for each
worksheet in a workbook. (You can also display the Sheet tab by clicking the Print Titles button
on the Page Layout tab.)
Figure 11-11 The Sheet tab in the Page Setup dialog box stores the print area and print titles
You’ll find the 2014Projections.xlsx file with the other examples on the companion website.
Specifying the area to be printed
If you do not specify an area to print, Excel prints the entire active area of the selected
worksheet or worksheets. If you don’t want to print the entire worksheet, you can specify
an area to print by using the Print Area button on the Page Layout tab. First, select the
range or ranges you want to print, click Print Area on the Page Layout tab, and then click
Set Print Area. To clear this setting, click the Print Area button and click Clear Print Area.
You can specify a print area setting for each worksheet, and the settings are saved with the
The print area settings are stored in the first box on the Sheet tab in the Page Setup
dialog box, which you can also use to set or edit the print area. To do so, click the Print Titles
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