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Exploring the ribbon
Exploring the ribbon
After you get the raw data into Excel by whatever means, you’ll spend a lot of time using
the ribbon to massage and beautify your data. The ribbon was introduced in Microsoft
Office 2007 and was one of the most sweeping user interface (UI) changes ever
implemented, redefining the workflow in every Office program. By this time—the third
generation of the ribbon—the dust has settled, and even grumpy, old Excel users have come to
terms with it. Figure 2-5 shows the ribbon at rest.
Figure 2-5 The ribbon dominates the top of the Excel window.
Does your ribbon look different?
The screen images shown in this topic were captured at the screen resolution,
magnification, and text size that is optimum for publication purposes. The ribbon on your
screen might not look the same as the one shown in the book. For example, you might
see more or fewer buttons in each of the groups, the buttons you see might be
represented by larger or smaller icons than those shown, or the group might be represented
by a single button that you click to display the group’s commands.
The ribbon comprises a number of tabs, each containing several ribbon groups, which in
turn contain sets of related controls: commands, buttons, menus, galleries, and dialog box
launchers. The hierarchy within and among ribbon tabs is designed to approximate a
general workflow model, with the most-often-used features and options stacked more or less
from left to right within and among tabs. For example, the Home tab contains commands
you need when you create a new worksheet and start performing tasks such as cutting
and pasting, formatting, and sorting, while the Review tab contains commands related to
documents that are more or less complete, addressing issues such as verifying spelling and
protecting the document.
The 2007 version of the ribbon was not customizable; thankfully, this was remedied in
Excel 2010 and continues to be customizable in 2013. Die-hard toolbar-modification
aficionados such as your friendly Excel book authors were thrilled. This is explored
in detail in “Customizing the ribbon” in Chapter 3, “Custom-tailoring the Excel
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