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Controlling what and where to print
The File tab’s Print screen contains these options for specifying what, where, and how you
want Excel to print. Each large rectangle you see in Figure 11-13 is actually a menu, and
collectively the following options are represented:
Click the big Print button when you’re ready to send your job to the printer.
Enter the number of copies you want. You can specify up to 32,767 copies.
Printer Displays the name of your default printer. To use a different printer, click to
display a list of available printers, and then select the printer you want to use.
Sheet The default Print Active Sheets option prints the active worksheet (or a set
of grouped worksheets). Print Entire Workbook, predictably, prints all the sheets in
the workbook, and Print Selection prints only the selected cells. If you have defined
a print area on any or all of the specified worksheets, Excel prints only those ranges.
For more information about selecting a group of worksheets, see “Editing multiple
worksheets” in Chapter 8.
Ignore Print Area If you defined print areas on the worksheet or worksheets
specified for printing, select this item at the bottom of the Print Sheets menu box to
disregard them. It is a toggle; click it again to turn it off.
Pages Specify an exact page or range of pages to print in the active worksheet or
Print One Sided If your printer supports double-sided printing, select Print One
Sided or one of two Print On Both Sides options: Flip Pages On The Long Edge, or
Flip Pages On The Short Edge.
Collated If your worksheet is more than one page long and you plan to print
multiple copies, Excel collates the copies for you. For example, instead of printing five
copies of page 1 followed by five copies of page 2, Excel prints page 1 and page 2
together, prints the next set, and so on. Collated copies are more convenient but
might take longer to print. Or you can select Uncollated.
Select Portrait or Landscape.
Page Size Select the size of the paper you’re using. Letter 8½ x 11in is the default.
Click More Paper Sizes to display the Page Setup dialog box.
Margins Select Normal, Wide, or Narrow, or select Last Custom Setting, which
offers the last margin settings you specified. Click Custom Margins to display the
Page Setup dialog box.
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