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Adjusting page breaks
Scaling Shrink your worksheet to it your output paper. Select Fit Sheet On One
Page, Fit All Columns On One Page, Fit All Rows On One Page, or the default No
Scaling. For more precise control, click Custom Scaling Options to display the Page Setup
dialog box.
Printing immediately
Click the Quick Print button on the Quick Access Toolbar to print the active sheet
immediately using the current settings. If the Quick Print button is not visible, click the
arrow to the right of the Quick Access Toolbar to display the Customize Quick Access
Toolbar menu, and click Quick Print to add the button to the toolbar.
For more information, see “Using the Quick Access Toolbar” in Chapter 2, “Explore
Excel fundamentals.”
Adjusting page breaks
Breaking pages across printed sheets of paper is often challenging using word-processing
programs, and it can be even more challenging when planning the printing strategy for
large spreadsheet models. Excel helps you adjust the positions of page breaks by offering
a couple of approaches: the Breaks button on the Page Layout tab on the ribbon, and the
Page Break Preview button on the View tab.
Using Page Break Preview
Clicking the Page Break Preview button results in a view of your worksheet like the one
shown in Figure 11-14. You can move page breaks by dragging them. You can even edit
your worksheet while in Page Break Preview mode. Page Break Preview mode zooms out
to give you a bird’s-eye view of the entire worksheet, but you can use the Zoom controls in
the lower-right corner of the screen to adjust the zoom percentage.
Using Page Break Preview lets you see both the positions of your page breaks and the page
numbers Excel will use when you print. Default page breaks—the ones Excel proposes to
use if you don’t intervene—appear as heavy dashed lines. If you’re not happy with the
position of a default break, drag the line where you want it. Your page break then becomes a
manual page break and appears as a solid line. To exit Page Break Preview, click either the
Normal button or the Page Layout button on the View tab.
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