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Using Print Preview
method you can use to manually adjust page breaks. To add a page break in Normal view,
select any cell in the row directly beneath or in the column directly to the right of where
you want the break to occur, click the Breaks button on the Page Layout tab, and then click
Insert Page Break. Excel applies page breaks both horizontally and vertically unless the
selected cell is in the first row or column. To remove a break, select a cell in the row below
a horizontal break or in the column to the right of a vertical break, click the Breaks button,
and then click either Remove Page Break or Reset All Page Breaks.
My manual page breaks don’t work very well
Selecting the Fit To option on the Page tab of the Page Setup dialog box can cause
Excel to override manual page breaks. (Click the dialog box launcher button in the Page
Setup group on the Page Layout tab to display the Page Setup dialog box.) The Fit To
controls apply reduction sufficient to it the entire print area onto a specific number of
pages. To derail this override, switch to the Adjust To option. This sets the worksheet to
print according to your manual page breaks.
If you prefer the compressed Fit To “look” but still want to control page breaks, you can
define the print area by using multiple nonadjacent ranges—one range per page. Excel
automatically prints each nonadjacent range as a separate page. Select the first range
you want to print, hold down Ctrl, and select the next range. Select as many ranges
(pages) as you want. Click the Print Area button on the Page Layout tab, and then click
Set Print Area.
Using Print Preview
The Print Preview feature gives you a glimpse of your worksheets the way they will look on
paper. To access Print Preview, use one of the following methods:
Click the File tab, Print.
Click the Print Preview button in the Page Setup dialog box.
Print Preview is incorporated into Backstage view (also known as the File tab). Clicking the
File tab and then clicking Print not only displays most of the available printing controls, but
also includes the Print Preview window, as shown in Figure 11-15.
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