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Using cell references in formulas
Using cell references in formulas
A cell reference identifies a cell or group of cells in a workbook. When you include cell
references in a formula, the formula is said to be linked to the referenced cells. The resulting
value of the formula depends on the values in the referenced cells and changes
automatically when the values in the referenced cells change.
To see cell referencing at work, select cell A1, and type the formula =10*2 . Now select cell
A2, and type the formula =A1 . The value in both cells is 20 . If at any time you change the
value in cell A1, the value in cell A2 changes also. Now select cell A3, and type =A1+A2 .
Excel returns the value 40 . Cell references are especially helpful when you create complex
Entering cell references by clicking
When you start a formula by typing an equal sign into a cell, you activate Enter mode . If
you then click another cell, you don’t select it; instead, the cell’s reference is inserted in
the formula. You can save time and increase accuracy when you enter cell references this
way. For example, to enter references to cells A9 and A10 in a formula in cell B10, do the
Select cell B10, and type an equal sign.
Click cell A9, and type a plus sign.
Click cell A10, and press Enter.
When you click each cell, a marquee surrounds the cell, and Excel inserts a reference to
the cell in cell B10. After you finish entering a formula, be sure to press Enter. If you do not
press Enter but select another cell, Excel assumes you want to include that cell reference in
the formula as well.
The active cell does not have to be visible in the current window for you to enter a value
in that cell. You can scroll through the worksheet without changing the active cell and click
cells in remote areas of your worksheet, in other worksheets, or in other workbooks as you
build a formula. The formula bar displays the contents of the active cell no matter which
area of the worksheet is currently visible.
If you scroll through your worksheet and the active cell is no longer visible, you can
display it by pressing Ctrl+Backspace. You can return to the upper-left corner of the
worksheet by pressing Ctrl+Home.
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