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Using cell references in formulas
Figure 12-3 We copied the relative references from cell F4 to cells F5:F8.
Copying absolute references If you want cell references to remain the same when you
copy them, use absolute references. For example, in the worksheet on the left in Figure
12-4, cell B2 contains the hourly rate at which employees are to be paid and cell C5
contains the relative reference formula =B2*B5. Suppose you copy the formula in C5 to the
range C6:C8. The worksheet on the right in Figure 12-4 shows what happens: you get
erroneous results. The formulas in cells C6:C8 should refer to cell B2, but they don’t. For
example, cell C8 contains the incorrect formula =B5*B8.
Figure 12-4 The formula in cell C5 contains relative references. We copied the relative formula
in cell C5 to cells C6:C8, producing incorrect results.
You’ll find the Wages.xlsx file with the other examples on the companion website.
Because the reference to cell B2 in the original formula is relative, it changes as you
copy the formula to the other cells. To correctly apply the wage rate in cell B2 to all the
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