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Using the Sum button
Using the Sum button
No surprise—the SUM function is used more often than any other function. To make this
function more accessible, Excel includes the Sum button (which may be labeled AutoSum,
depending on your screen resolution and window size) on the Home tab on the ribbon,
which inserts the SUM function into a cell. (The ScreenTip that appears when you rest the
pointer over this button says Sum . On the Formulas tab, the button includes the label
AutoSum , which also appears on the Home tab if your screen is wide enough.)
You can quickly enter a SUM function in the selected cell by pressing Alt+=.
To see how this works, do the following:
Enter a column of numbers, like we did in Figure 12-7.
Figure 12-7 Use the Sum button to add a summary formula in a cell adjacent to columns
or rows of numbers.
Select the cell below the column of numbers, and click the Sum button in the Editing
group on the Home tab. The button inserts the entire formula for you and suggests a
range to sum.
Check the selection. If the suggested range is incorrect, simply drag through the
correct range.
Press Enter.
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