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Inserting a function
The Sum button includes a menu that appears when you click the arrow next to the button,
as shown in Figure 12-7, offering popular alternative functions you can choose instead. The
More Functions command opens the Insert Function dialog box, where you can access any
Excel function. If you select a contiguous cell range that is adjacent to rows or columns of
numbers before clicking the Sum button, Excel enters a SUM function in each cell.
Get a quick sum by selecting the cells you want to sum and then looking at the status
bar, where Excel automatically displays the sum, average, and count (the total number
of cells containing entries) of the selected range. Right-click the status bar to add more
readouts for the minimum, maximum, and numerical counts. For more information, see
“Quick totals on the status bar” in Chapter 2, “Exploring Excel fundamentals.”
For more information, see “Using the SUM function” in Chapter 14.
Inserting a function
When you want to use a built-in function, click the Insert Function button on the Formulas
tab on the ribbon (or the little fx icon located on the formula bar). When you do, the Insert
Function dialog box shown in Figure 12-8 appears. For all the details about using the Insert
Function dialog box, see “Inserting functions” in Chapter 13.
Figure 12-8 The Insert Function dialog box gives you access to all the built-in functions in Excel.
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