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Using Formula AutoComplete
Using Formula AutoComplete
Excel makes creating formulas a little easier with a feature called Formula AutoComplete .
Figure 12-9 illustrates what happens when you type an equal sign followed by the letter
S —Excel lists all functions that begin with that letter. Formula AutoComplete also provides
lists of defined names and function arguments, as well as special codes and names used in
structured references and Cube functions. These lists appear automatically in the
appropriate places as you enter a formula.
For more about defined names, see “Using names in formulas” later in this chapter; for more
about structured references, see “Using structured references” later in this chapter.
Figure 12-9 When you start to type a function, Excel lists all the functions that begin with the
letter or letters you first type.
You can just keep typing your formula, or you can click any of the items in the
AutoComplete list to see a pop-up description of what that function does. Scroll down the list to
see more functions; to insert one of the functions into your formula, double-click it. As you
type additional characters, the list narrows further. For example, typing =si in the example
shown in Figure 12-9 would narrow the AutoComplete list to three functions: SIGN, SIN,
and SINH. Formula AutoComplete also works within nested formulas. For example, if you
start typing a formula such as =SUM(SIN(A4),S into a cell, the AutoComplete list appears
and readjusts its contents for each letter you type in the formula.
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